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Thermography and Breast Cancer Screening

Thermography is a medical procedure that uses thermal imaging to detect heat and inflammation in the body. This non-invasive, safe, and painless procedure is used to detect and monitor disease or injuries by showing thermal abnormalities. The ability for thermography to detect disease in its early stages is remarkable! The use of thermography for breast cancer detection has proven to be especially beneficial since it can detect unusual cell activity up to eight years before a mammogram. It is FDA approved and has no radiation meaning it can be used frequently without any harm to your body. Thermography is not meant to replace mammograms or physical exams for breast cancer detection but is to be used in complement.

Thermography allows you to detect breast cancer early enough to have a proactive healing process. Early detection opens the door to many different treatment options that are not available in the later stages of tumor growth.
This procedure is noninvasive, no-contact, painless, and no-radiation and can be used for women of all ages. It is recommended for women to begin thermography screening at age 20 and to have a follow-up appointment every three years. Beginning at age 30, women should screen annually. More frequent screening would be recommended if any abnormalities are detected or for those with a higher risk for breast cancer.

The screening is performed by a certified thermographic technician, and each report is interpreted by William C. Amalu, DC, DABCT, DIACT, FIACT, a board certified thermologist with over 28 years’ experience in thermology.

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