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To make an appointment or discuss colonoscopy preparation with a therapist, please call at (530)206-7882. 

Colonoscopy Preparation

It's not a secret that colonoscopies are inconvenient and oftentimes uncomfortable. Traditional preparation for this procedure and others like it include a bowel-emptying medication that causes the client to be unable to continue normal activities for the day prior to the procedure. This preparation is uncomfortable and can cause damage to the colon.

Auburn Total Health offers a more natural and comfortable alternative to prepare for your colonoscopy using the Hygiacare Prep System, also known as the Angel of Water System. By introducing water into the colon trough the rectum, waste is softened and released. Paired with dietary restrictions in the two days prior to the procedure as recommended by your doctor, your colon will be emptied and prepared for the colonoscopy.

The protocol for colonoscopy preparation consists of two sessions, one the evening prior to the procedure and the second no more than five hours before the procedure. Each session takes approximatley one hour. Our therapists will accommodate appointments outside of normal business hours for this treatment.
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