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Relax and Heal with Massage Therapy

30 Minutes - $50

60 Minutes - $70

90 Minutes - $120

120 Minutes - $140

Relax and heal with a professional massage at Auburn Total Health! We have multiple therapists specializing in different modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Prenatal, Hot Stone, and Post-Op. Book online or call to set up your perfect massage. You deserve to feel amazing!

Swedish Massage
Often the first therapy that comes to mind when you think of a massage, the Swedish massage is designed for relaxation. It is also incredible at increasing circulation, regulating stress hormones, increasing flexibility, and decreasing toxicity in the muscles. This is the perfect place to begin if you are new to massage therapy!

Deep Tissue Massage
This modality of massage is also aimed at releasing tension and relaxing the muscles. Increased pressure is used to target problem areas and to begin to heal the body. This massage will also reduce heart rate, regulate hormones, and boost your mood. This is a perfect massage to relieve those aches and pains!

Sports Massage
Athletes use their bodies in amazing ways, but their sport of choice can injure muscles through overuse if they are not careful. Sports Massage is often an integral part of an athlete's training routine as it protects against injury, brings relief to sore muscles, and relaxes the body before and after events. This modality is good for any range of athlete - from the weekend runner to NFL players! Additional benefits include increased flexibility, endurance, and improved mental state. If you are an active person looking to give your body the care it needs, this massage could be for you!.

Prenatal Massage
Complement prenatal care with an amazing specialty massage! Prenatal Massage is designed to heal the discomforts that come with pregnancy including backaches, swelling, headaches, and leg cramps. It also increases blood flow, reduces stress, relaxes muscle tension and even helps treat depression or anxiety that comes from hormonal changes. This is a highly recommended healthy way to involve self-care in your pregnancy journey. Cushions are used to provide maximum comfort, and your therapist will use a variety of massage techniques. Let your therapist know what areas or problems you would like to treat in a session, and they will provide the perfect massage for you. This massage also improves your quality of sleep and safe for every stage of pregnancy.

Post Op Massage
Also known as Post-Surgery Massage, this is specifically designed for those recovering from surgery. This is especially beneficial for eliminating swelling, scarring, and tenderness. This modality is also used to treat individuals after injury as this is the fastest way to get back to a normal routine and eliminate scarring.

I enjoy creating a therapeutic experience for each client that is specific to them, by encouraging communication in each session.

It is very important for me to listen to each physical complaint, to help create a healing path.

Past injuries are predetermined injuries; therefore, health history is important in finding the root of the discomfort.

Throughout each session various modalities may be applied in order to alleviate discomfort, such as facilitated stretching, sports, deep tissue, and Myofascial release techniques. No Session will be the same, and with each session I will work to bring the body back to alignment.

The entire body is connected.
When a part of our body becomes imbalanced, it will throw the entire system off balance.

Relax, Rejuvenate & Rebalance

•Improves Shoulder and Hip Restrictions
•Headaches and Migraines
•Helps lessen Scar Tissue and Myofascial Restrictions
•Increases Range of Motion
•Improves Mood
•Detoxes the Body's Systems

•Relaxes the entire body
•Improves Athletic Performance
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