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Detoxification strategies are a growing part of managing our health. The everyday things we are exposed to add up, and can lead to ill health. Think about your day, and what you've encountered...did you fill up the gas tank today? How about having some potato chips with lunch? Did you ever have to clean up mold in your home? These little things all slowly add to mitochondrial health decline. Detoxification can help!

Medical Herbalism

Dr. Peyton completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Sciences, and learning medical herbalism was a large part of her ND training. With years of specialized training in both traditional herbalism and medical herbalism, Dr. Peyton is able to create the best in herbal preparations for you and your family- from custom teas and tinctures to topical therapies such as salves and poultices. Other herbal therapies Dr. Peyton loves include Gemmotherapy, Bach Flower Essences and Essential oils. 

Physical (and Energetic) Medicine

Dr. Peyton knows the importance of healing the whole body- not just "where we are hurting". Through techniques such as Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, Dr. Peyton is able to release stuck tissues and energetic patterns, giving your body the freedom to heal itself. Dr. Peyton is also trained in naturopathic physical medicine techniques and specialty treatments such as Chinese fire cupping and Acutonics .

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