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Saying Goodbye To A Toxic Life

June 6, 2018
Detox has become a catchphrase in the recent years. We have started to label anything that might be damaging to us as toxic. Everywhere you turn someone has a toxic relationship, toxic job, toxic communication that they are working to detox from. Our lives have become toxic, and unfortunately many of us have been content to live that way. We have accepted the idea that we will live the remainder of our lives sick and tired because of our lifestyle choices. Some people even acknowledge that they are poisoning themselves with their food and drinks and refuse to make changes.

Toxicity is not just an abstract concept that has gained popularity in our culture, it is a scientific term used to determine the level of harm a poison can cause to us. Poison and toxins are prevalent in our lives. It is nearly impossible to live your life without being exposed to toxins. Known poisons are used in many ways in our modern lives - from the chlorine in our water to the pesticides on our foods.

Toxins affect all of us in many ways. Many people will experience mental fog, memory loss, fatigue, migraines, acne, and even cancer because of toxicity. Our body is designed to naturally get rid of toxins, but with the levels that we are introducing into our lives our bodies simply cannot keep up. The first step to living a life less toxic is to reduce your exposure to poisons in your life. A whole food diet and reducing the chemicals in your home (especially those for cleaning) is an amazing place to begin.

Although I will always be an advocate for living as toxin-free as possible, we also need to actively address the fact that we have already been exposed to toxins and need to detox.

Detoxification, or detox for short, is the process of removing toxins from our bodies and lives. Our bodies are amazing at keeping us healthy. My philosophy to detoxing is about giving your body the tools that it needs to keep itself in the best condition.

Toxins leave your body naturally in several different ways. Healthy detox is about encouraging this natural elimination of toxins.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a way to encourage your body to get rid of toxins through natural waste. It stimulates healthy bowel movements by introducing water into the colon to remove built up waste and bacteria that are hindering the colon from performing its job to the best of its ability.

Sweat is another natural way your body removes toxins. Go for a jog, do some cardio, or sweat it out in a sauna to encourage your body to detoxify through your sweat.

Also, when you begin to replace toxic food in your diet and lifestyle (think fast food) with natural, healthier options your body will likely begin to detox itself. This is not always a pleasant process. In fact, many people experience headaches, nausea, or fatigue when they make healthier lifestyle changes because their body immediately begins to fight off the toxins that have been in their systems for so long. Both colon hydrotherapy and sauna therapy are proven help eliminate the symptoms of detox!

Moral of the Story: Let's detox! Life is too short to live with chronic pain and fatigue.

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