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The Team

Kim McCool

She is our fearless leader and visionary! She began the Auburn Total Health center as a place for healing, relaxation, and recovery. She is also a certified colon hydrotherapist and is in training to become a nutritionist. She believes that health is about your whole mind and body and is full of helpful tips to help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about Kim and her journey to health on our blog!
Ellie May Ell
Ellie May Ell

Ellie May Ell is a Certified Massage Therapist who graduated from Fair Oaks Massage Institute's, 500 Hour program. Her passion for correcting imbalance within the body, starting from the areas of pain and discomfort tracking back to the source. Ellie May is a Sports, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal Massage Therapist but that doesn’t limit her from using other modalities and techniques, such as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. Her passion for the knowledge of Kinesiology is what drove her to expand and work with clients who want to heal their body from the inside out.

Each session with Ellie focuses on each client’s individual needs, even if that may just be relaxation for stress relief and anxiety. There is no such thing as a generic massage with Ellie May. Her holistic approach to gain comfortability and range of motion, begins with you, creating your own therapy.

Robynn Paxton

The word doula means "a woman who serves". Robynn is thrilled to offer her service in this most exciting time in your and your family's lives! As a little girl she dreamed of helping women bring their babies into the world and was able to attend her mother's delivery of her brother when she was 15. What a magical deeply impactful experience that was for her! After attending more births for friends and family, and working closely with her pregnant private yoga clients she knew it was the right time to become a professional birth & beyond Doula. She is trained to provide emotional, physical, and/or educational support to families during the perinatal process. 

Dr Peyton

Dr. Meredith Peyton

Dr. Meredith Peyton is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who received both her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Bachelor of Herbal Sciences degree from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. Dr. Peyton’s specialty of interest is in Environmental Medicine, in how our health and well-being interact with the
environments we live in, and how to reverse and prevent damage from environmental exposures. This ranges from acute allergies from everyday exposures (think pets, mold and dust) to chronic disease, such as long term infections and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Peyton specializes in Western Botanical Medicine, Detoxification techniques, Homeopathy and drainage modalities including Gemmotherapy. She also enjoys using physical medicine modalities such as
Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, both of which she has additional training in. In addition to her work in Environmental Medicine, Dr. Peyton also sees a variety of conditions including fatigue, anxiety and depression, ENT complaints and digestive issues in addition to acute and chronic illnesses. She recently resided in Vermont State which furthered her knowledge of Lyme disease diagnosis and management.

Dr. Peyton is a member of The Naturopathic Association of Environmental Medicine and the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine. She recently moved to the Auburn area with her husband, mother and two little girls and is really beginning to love Northern California!
Amy Perkins Massage Therapist

Amy Perkins CMT - Mobility Coach

When it comes to treating injuries and pain, Amy is truly gifted. She offers many different massage services including therapeutic, orthopedic, and more! Not sure what you are looking for? Just ask her what would be best for you. Amy is also our Thermography Technician! 

Staci Bartley

Staci is a Relationship Coach and Divorce Mediator at Auburn Total Health. She helps both couples and individuals through all stages of singleness and relationships.  Her motto is, "from Heartbreak to Soulmate and Everything In-Between!" Her sessions can be done in person or online and give you the tools you need to move forward in whatever relationship phase you are in. 
(530) 206-7882 - 161 PALM AVE ST 2 AUBURN, CA 95603
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