Kim McCool - Business Owner

Kim McCool

She is our fearless leader and visionary! She began the Auburn Total Health center as a place for healing, relaxation, and recovery. She is also a certified colon hydrotherapist and is in training to become a nutritionist. She believes that health is about your whole mind and body and is full of helpful tips to help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about Kim and her journey to health on our blog!

Victoria McCool - Office Manager

Victoria McCool

Victoria is our office manager and media engineer. She has studied business at Arizona State University, and brings her skills to Auburn Total Health. She loves being a part of a business that makes a difference in the wellness of people!

Amy Perkins - Massage Therapist

Amy Perkins CMT

Our in-house massage therapist, Amy is truly gifted. She offers many different massage services including therapeutic, orthopedic, and more! Not sure what you are looking for? Just ask her what would be best for you.