Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics are designed to promote colon health naturally without harmful medications

  • Helps with weight loss

  • Decreases Gas and bloating

  • Helps improve immune system

  • Safe detox

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is an amazing tool to use in colon health as a maintenance routine or to target certain digestive issues.

If you are constipated, bloated, experience chronic fatigue, have acne problems, suffer from headaches and migraines, have been exposed to toxins including many kinds of medications, or just want to detox then colon hydrotherapy is for you!

Colonics are designed to promote colon health naturally without harmful medications. A healthy gut is also linked to better moods, a better immune system can aid in treating depression and anxiety, and improves your total body health. Colon Hydrotherapy is most effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle!

Kim Murphy

What Makes our Colonic System Different

Gravity Fed Open System

The Angel of Water® system is the safest, simplest and most effective solution for irrigating the colon.

Monitored By Clinicians

Our professional staff monitors your session out safely from the front desk. We respect your privacy while ensuring a safe session.

No Odor and No Mess 

 This progressive irrigation and hydration that starts at the rectum, goes through the transverse section and then to the cecum, breaks up waste matter and achieves the complete evacuation of the colon. 

Clean and Comfortable

Our water system maintains a comfortable water temperature Its a very gentle flow of gravity-fed, 100 degree warm, filtered water. 

Proven Effective and Comfortable

New Client Specials and Bundles

New Client Session

$75/ 40 Mins

Single Extended Session

$100/ 1 Hour

4 Bundle | Save $60

$240/4 Sessions

What Our Customers are saying

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